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A Focused And Flexible Advocate For The Accused For More Than 35 Years

George C. Boisseau has extensive trial experience at the state and federal level, helping defendants with a wide variety of criminal charges.

Why You Should Choose George Boisseau

Being charged with a crime is a frightening experience. It’s a foreign and confusing experience too, as few people know how they are supposed to address their charges in an effective way. There is so much at risk when you are accused of a crime. Your reputation and freedom are on the line, as well as the possibility of jail time, community service and other penalties.

George C. Boisseau has been working in criminal defense for 37 years. Located in Santa Rosa, he offers legal support to people in Sonoma County, North Bay and all across the state of California. He will talk you through your case and answer all of your important questions. He will also stand up for your rights, which are integral to establishing a strong case and protecting the interests of you and your family.

Knowledgeable And Experienced In Criminal Matters

Whether your alleged crime is minor in nature or involves serious or violent circumstances, attorney George Boisseau can help you. He has handled thousands of cases, including drunk driving charges, sex crimes and violent offenses such as homicide.

While state crimes are more common, you may find yourself facing federal charges. Your lawyer must have trial experience in federal court if you are charged with a federal crime. George Boisseau has state and federal trial experience, and will provide sound counsel to those fearing the worst after being charged with serious crimes.

Reach Out Today To Build Your Case

Consult with George Boisseau as soon as possible after you have been charged with a crime, and he can work toward achieving the best possible outcome in your case.