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Located in Santa Rosa, California, attorney George C. Boisseau has been practicing criminal defense since 1977, and during that time he has listened with a keen ear to his clients, assuaging them of their fears. He has seen a lot in his time defending people accused of a crime. He was a federal defender early in his career, providing him with invaluable experience at trial in federal court. Since then, he has embraced the challenge of defending against criminal charges at the state and federal level.

A crucial element to George Boisseau’s success as a criminal defense lawyer is his desire to help people, regardless of the crime. Some people may face very serious criminal charges, and they may think that no lawyer will be willing to take their case. But in his many years in the North Bay, George Boisseau has provided the focused legal help that people accused of serious crimes need.

The types of cases that George Boisseau has handled in his 37 years are extensive, but his federal court experience makes him the experienced attorney that he is. Serious felonies, state and federal crimes, drunk driving cases, federal and state forfeitures and criminal appeals are just a few of the complex matters that he carefully handles. He also crafts the motions himself, a gift born out of his tremendous writing and communicative abilities.

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